Construction Plumbing in Cape Town

Construction Plumbing refers to the installation of plumbing infrastructure while a new building is going up, or when major renovations are being done to an existing building – such as adding an extension to your home or office, or upgrading your commercial or industrial facilities.

Construction Sites and Developments Plumbing

New construction sites and developments plumbing starts with getting incoming water services connected to the new home or commercial building, as well as putting plumbing in place to deal with outgoing waste. These aspects need to be overseen by a registered and qualified plumber, as mistakes here can be very costly and potentially endanger the health of the new residents. PC Plumbing is registered both with the City of Cape Town and the Plumbing Industry Registration Board, so you can rest assured we’ll deliver plumbing services at the very highest level. We specialise in various plumbing services, including waste drainage, geysers and hot or cold water supplies.

Importance of Plumbing Works in New Construction Sites

The importance of plumbing works in construction should never be underestimated, as having a clear plan right from the start can save time and money down the line. Trying to fit your plumbing needs around a building which has already been completed is difficult, and the results often don’t look particularly good either! By working hand in hand with your construction company right from the start, however, PC Plumbing can ensure that quality components which are best suited to your individual needs are fitted, that all regulations are complied with, and that your new home is a pleasure to live in!

PC Plumbing services include:

Plumbing works in construction include installation of toilets, showers and basins in the bathroom, connection of your geyser and cold water supply, installing sinks in the kitchen, as well as making sure there is easy access to an adequate water supply for other appliances such as your washing machine and dishwasher. We can even assist you with installation of a grey water system – an extremely valuable asset in water-restricted Cape Town. Building a new home is massively rewarding, but it can also be more than a little daunting! We’ve dealt with absolutely every aspect of plumbing works in construction over the years – so if you want a trusted, reliable and experienced plumbing company to help make sure your dream home becomes a reality, then give Patrick Conderan Plumbing a call right now


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