Geyser Installations

Different types of geyser installations in Fish Hoek

There are several different types of geyser installations in Fish Hoek that PC Plumbing can assist you with. Which one you choose will depend on the availability and dependability of solar, gas or electric power in your specific area. The most common geyser installations we regularly perform include the installation of a standard high pressure or a solar high pressure hot water cylinder .

Solar geyser installation

We’re really excited by the fact that demand for solar geyser installations in Fish Hoek is growing steadily, as more and more people try to find more sustainable ways of living. Please give us a call if you have any questions about solar hot water cylinders, and we’ll be delighted to help!

Gas geyser installation

Because the South African power supply isn’t always reliable, many households find gas geyser installations in Fish Hoek to be an attractive alternative. If you don’t want to sacrifice that hot shower just because the lights have gone out, then this is a great option for you!

Standard electric geyser installations

Electric geyser installations in Fish Hoek has been one of PC Plumbing’s specialties for many years, so we can guarantee the best service in town. If you want your geyser installation done right first time, quickly and efficiently and coupled with friendly service, then you’ve come to the right place!

Note – all high pressure geysers installed by PC Plumbing are done so in strict accordance with the current SANS 10254 specification , this is the legal installation code as prescribed by the national bureau of standards .

How often is a geyser installation required?

We often get asked how often a geyser installation is required, and why geysers just don’t seem to last. What you might not know is that when a hot water cylinder is installed, they typically contain what is termed a “sacrificial anode”.

The task of the sacrificial anode is, as its name implies, to sacrifice itself to corrosion in order to save the inner lining of the cylinder and thus prolong the life of the geyser.

For years sacrificial anodes have been used on ships and various other metallic objects that are in constant contact with water.

Most standard high pressure geysers are factory fitted with a magnesium alloy anode which is included in the geyser price – but it is the owner’s responsibility to have this item replaced every 18 months. If this isn’t done, the anode will ultimately succumb to corrosion – thus rendering the cylinder vulnerable to the inevitable internal corrosion that must follow.

The average geysers lifespan will tend to vary from one installation to the next as factors such as water conditions, temperature settings, operational pressures and the prevalence of lime scale all have an influence on this time frame. Ultimately though, an inexpensive structured maintenance schedule that includes inspections of the anode, safety valve pressure valve and vacuum breakers will always be a fraction of the cost of a wholesale geyser replacement.

And remember, when you want the job done right first time, make sure to give PC Plumbing a call right away!


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