Solar Geyser Installations

Solar geyser installations have become increasingly popular in Fish Hoek, as more people start to take advantage of the African sun to cut their electricity bills. A typical household solar heating system consists of a solar panel with a heat transfer fluid flowing through it to transport the heat energy collected to somewhere useful, which in this case is typically a solar geyser .

Solar geyser prices vary considerably as there are a lot of options on the market. PC Plumbing has a wealth of experience in the field, and can assist in choosing the solar geyser installation which perfectly suits your needs.

Solar Geyser Installation Process

The solar geyser installation process is relatively straightforward, so you can look forward to seeing the benefits straight away. The first step in the process is locating an area on which to place the main solar panel, ideally somewhere with good light levels throughout the day – in most cases on the roof of the building. A pump pushes the heat transfer water through the panel. The absorbed heat from the sunlight is thus taken from the panel and transferred to a storage container.

Advantages of Solar Geyser

The two main advantages of solar geysers are greatly reduced electricity consumption, and therefore a kinder environmental footprint. In South Africa, Eskom reports that geysers take up as much as 39% of the average household’s total electricity consumption, so they’re an excellent investment which rapidly pays for itself. After that point, a solar geyser installation means big savings on your monthly electricity bill, as well as hot water whenever you need it!

If you’re ready to start saving money while doing your bit for the environment, then get in touch with PC Plumbing today and we’ll be delighted to assist you!


Solar geyser installations in Cape Town
Solar Geyser Installations in Cape Town


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