Marina Quarmby

In Cape Town with our water crises there is nothing worse than water loss or water wastage.

When our geyser had a leak during the month of November and needed to be replaced, it was a concern that the water drained from the geyser would be ‘thrown’ away as this was the norm. Never mind the loss of the water, was the cost of the water lost and also the water replacement cost.

Together with the possibility of water spillage during the draining process and also the time and inconvenience taken to drain the water and dispose of it. So, it was with relief that we were informed that our preferred plumbing provider, Watts Plumbing, had recently designed and manufactured a water saving device called WATTAPAC, where no water drained from the geyser would be lost, there would be no chance of spillage, and less time would be taken to complete the whole geyser replacement process.

Wattapac was used. The water was pumped out from the broken geyser into a heavy-duty ‘bag’ and then once the new geyser had been installed the same water saved was repumped back into the new geyser. The pumping out took approximately 5 minutes as did the pumping in of the saved water back into the new geyser. The whole process was super-efficient, there was no water loss and the process took less than an hour.

An amazing product!

Thank you.